GameMine explains why some people feel nauseous or dizzy when playing first person shooters

The FPS genre (shooters from the player's point of view) is not foreign to the gaming community, since they have existed since the early 1990s. A staggering number of fast moves combined with a narrower perspective than usual and a much greater emphasis on action make FPS games stand out the most against other genres.

What they do not like is the too frequent cases of nausea and dizziness associated with playing FPS games. Everything is still happening in the virtual world, but the effects are quite real. GameMine explains, why FPS games in particular can make players feel nauseous.

Conflicting information

It may be best to start with the commonly accepted cause of nausea caused by FPS to better present typical situations in which players are unable to play in comfortable conditions. Basically, it all comes down to a mess of contradictory information, in particular that thinks that the brain is drawing impulses from both the video game and the environment in which the person plays.

Every time you play an FPS game, it almost always involves running and engaging in the virtual world. Your brain recognizes these movements exactly this way, but for some people problems arise when this information begins to be associated with the real world. In fact, you usually stay still, the only movements that occur are the subtle finger movements that press the buttons.

This is actually all that is needed for the brain to be deceived and alerted, and perhaps even went so far as to assume that he was poisoned and nauseated to expel the absent poison. The feeling of nausea caused by the game resembles motion or sea sickness, because both of these scenarios are associated with conflicting moving and at the same time remaining objects and surroundings.

Increased movement and action

It's no secret that FPS games are as action-packed as possible, with lots of events, a fast pace, and more advanced skills requirements. All this boils down to the fact that camera movement is more general because the player's perspective is more limited and requires a greater look to determine what is happening around, especially in an environment full of action, requiring a quick response in time. You will have to aim and shoot in all directions at any time, and sometimes the FPS species may prove too demanding and cause a feeling of nausea. 

Surreal point of view

Most players can handle fast FPS play. The problem is not the speed of movement, but the perspective from which we experience this action. Although the player's perspective in FPS is realistic enough, developers often use perspective tricks to maintain the illusion. For example, some objects may be enlarged for clarity & #8211; such as levers or doors. What's more, game developers can customize the player's field of view to be larger or smaller than what things actually look like. Although these tricks are designed to help players, for sensitive people they can have the opposite effect.

According to GameMine, some FPS games have requirements beyond the norm of moving and shooting in relatively simple environments. Platforms are sometimes part of the game, and this type of movement in the first-person perspective further aggravates the player's susceptibility to nausea or dizziness, because it can be much more difficult for him to determine his position and assess depth perception with a more limited field of view.

Regardless of the special element of FPS games that can cause nausea, remember that you have a variety of solutions at your disposal. Whether you opt for an over-the-counter drug that helps you focus on fixed points outside of your intensive moves, or just give yourself more time to get used to FPS games, make sure that you do not stop enjoying the pleasure of this species.
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