GameMine exceeds $ 65 million of forecast revenue in the first quarter of 2019

Financial growth based on accelerated development of cooperation with current partners, expansion in new geographical regions and continuous development of a unique team of subscription management technologies

GameMine Inc., an American company in the mobile games distribution industry, today revealed its extremely dynamic growth rate, which exceeded its forecasted revenue of USD 65 million in the first quarter of 2019. This impressive result can be attributed to the company's successes last year, in which period it accelerated the development of cooperation with partners based on contracts concluded in 2017 and further expanded its global reach, which may be additional evidence of unsurpassed performance based on the subscription model of GameMine mobile games distribution .

GameMine's success must also be largely attributed to the continuous improvement of the company's internal platform. The comprehensive solution developed includes a content management system, an extensive engine for customer acquisition, subscription management software, proprietary business analytics solutions, and fraud prevention software. This proprietary proprietary toolkit has been specifically designed to optimize and manage subscription-based products, and it also includes modules for dynamic target prediction, long-term value of users based on signals coming from them. By implementing these tools, GameMine saves hundreds of hours normally spent on manual analysis in the field of marketing optimization, troubleshooting and measuring the long-term value of users.

Over the past eighteen months, our team has been extremely focused on integrating automated, artificial intelligence based feature sets with our user acquisition engine and business intelligence tools, '' said Brian Davi, GameMine's CEO. - We sometimes like to compare our system to Jarvis, artificial intelligence being Tony's assistant in Stark's films in the series Iron man. In these films, Stark receives from Jarvis a wide range of observations, analytical data and alerts in real time, which increases his effectiveness and allows him to achieve goals that no human being would normally be able to achieve. Similarly, the GameMine team has created its own artificial intelligence assistant, which takes on complex, deeper analytical processes, thus increasing our efficiency and providing the ability to quickly identify any factors affecting our business, "added Davi.

The market of subscription-based games is currently experiencing growing interest, and well-known companies in the technology industry, such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Snap, successively announce their expansion plans in this segment. The advantage of GameMine is the company's unique position, allowing it to use its proven business model in order to benefit from the growing interest in this forward-looking sector, combined with aggressive expansion in new markets in Central Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, thus strengthening its global market position and revenues in 2019 and later.

About GameMine

GameMine is an international company based in Venice Beach, California, dealing in the distribution of mobile games. The company has branches in three countries, and its team consists of the best developers, experienced experts from the world of games and veterans from industries using subscription models. GameMine team combines their experience and strength to create high-end products and services in the mobile technology market.

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